Art Painting of Furniture and Doors

Imagine that you are in an ancient mansion and only you know the secret passage to the next room. From the prying eyes of others it is hidden behind an art painting on the walls. The door is a frame of your imagination, the final chord emphasizing the general style and form of the room. It is a special frame for your home's and yet, at the same time, the interior of two rooms, absolutely different in design, can be framed and realized. Our Art Painting on your door can hide it behind a herd of wild lamas, dissolve in warm coastal landscapes, or float, suspended in clouds.

Your furniture is an integral part of your interior. Your favorite things make the room a special place, filling your home with your lovely mood. Now, thanks to our team of expert artists, It isn't necessary to search high and low for furniture which will harmonize your dining room. Under your guidance and expectation, we can craft fro you a complete room, just as you imagined it.

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For your door, we will help you determine if it will be organically entered in the general style of the room, hiding behind patterns, or it has to be designed in a different manner. Not every door has to be open, but every door can reveal a look, a world. Doors between rooms will mesh with interior of two rooms, absolutely different in design. At the same time, once passing through a door, you will feel as if you have crossed a threshold into another realm, another world. Your door is not merely an entrance or an exit but it is a portal- a portal into your imagination.

Art Painting Doors And Frniture By Acrylics

Watch flowers grow onn kitchen stools Delight as butterflies and birds dance and float on your casement doors. Experience the finest of French design and atmosphere as your little Provence table turns itself into an object of art. Now, with our help and craftsmanship, there is no need to change your furniture when you change your wall colors- we can mix and match anything with any period or time you desire.

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Art painted of furniture by acrylics comes to life in any room in your house. Even the most ordinary table painted furniture in the style of Provence turns into a piece of art, complementing the French atmosphere of the room. Change a comfortable bed, a sofa or favorite cabinet only because change color of the walls, is not necessary.

Art painting of furniture gives it a unique character. A habitual subjects in the hands of the workshops will gain a new life, connecting the past with the future. Art painting doors and furniture, made by our masters will make the interior of each room integrity and completeness.