Cost of Art Painting and Rule of Payment

The cost of an art painting in Ukraine similar in comparison to other countries. The final cost of works is coordinated individually, proceeding from your wishes, and some other objective factors:

  • art painting can be difficult, detailed, with use special the technician
  • Laconic, with smaller detailing

Some factors for pricing:

  • Complexity of work, the detailing, the area under for art painting, altitude, remoteness of object, urgency of execution.
  • If you are interested of the price of a concrete art painting - contact us for consultation on all the nuances of this question.

The factors resulting increasing cost:

  • Art painting on a ceiling + 20%
  • Short deadlines + 50%

Estimated cost (for sq.m):

  • Simple: from $40 sq.m
  • Bas-relief: from $100 sq.m from the simple to the complex
  • Complexity average: from $200 sq.m
  • Complexity high: from $500 sq.m

We recommend you contact us to discuss the price of an art painting. We may have possible additional discounts and special conditions available. You can be sure that we have the most honest and favorable prices for the design and the execution of an art painting in Ukraine.

Stages of payments:

  • 50% - the sketch is approved, the contract is signed,
  • 25% - the list is complete for 80%, customer satisfied,
  • 25% - the list is fully complete, varnished.

The following is included in the price of an art painting:

  • Development of the outline sketch, preparation,
  • Sketches after done work remain in a workshop portfolio,
  • Transportation costs aren't included in the price and are paid depending on remoteness of object the condition of the surface, list of walls or ceilings, use of a protective layer of varnish
  • Materais such as : soil, impregnations, art paints, solvents, brushes, varnishes are not included.