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Dmitry Baryshev, our professional artist specializing in art painting, has extensive experience of work in this sphere. In our workshop, we prepare sketches for each client individually, choosing the style corresponding to the client’s wishes and our technology. In all our works, every feature of the room and the wishes of the customer are combined and considered. Each work is unique and reflects the owner's plan as expressed by the gifted hands of the professional artist.

Our studio associates with and works with the leading architectural bureaus and design studios from around the world. Also, we are on good and respected terms and accomplish joint projects with the most successful architects, designers and decorators in Ukraine.

In our work we use quality materials that aren't affected by the harmful rays of the sun, are certified moisture resistant, and aren't toxic when applied properly. It is our pleasure to assist you in making your wished come true. Call us for a consultation and together we will prepare interesting sketches for the creation of original art creation; as well as all other elements of the decor in your room(s). Feel free to contact us at +38(094)823-45-88 or please go online fill a form detailing your needs and desires.

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