Decorative Panels on Interior Walls

The decorative panel considerably differs from other ways of decorating your walls in the interior of your home. In the pictures depicted on the panel are present not only plot, color, composition and prospect – but the panel created from decorative plaster is unique in that its images are full of volume and density. As the result, the overall composition makes a truly indelible impression on the viewer.

Textured panels Decorative panels Decorative panels on the wall Decorative panel in the interior

It is important to note that the decorative panel has a very long history. The first relief pictures were created by artists in the Neolithic era. Eventually, the techniques used by artists changed and improved. There were bas-reliefs, monochrome painting and, at last, the decorative wall panel.

Creation of a Decorative Panel in Ukraine

For the production of various pictures on panels, special types of plaster, plaster mixes, and other materials differing in plasticity were used. And though the majority of them didn't continue into our modern era, it is indeed possible for modern experts to create a decorative panel on a wall.

Panel from decorative plaster Creating decorative panels in Ukraine Textured decorative panels in Kiev Textured panels in the interior of the apartment

Thanks to the size and dimensions of the image, the decorative panel in your interior looks very original and interesting irrespective of the room where ii is 'speaking'. These panels will change your house; changing its atmosphere and appearance without being 'showy' and pretentious. . Thus, it is most important to entrust creation of your decorative panel to true professionals, who will be able to expertly perform this task.

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