Decorative Bas-Reliefs in Your Interior Rooms

Bas-relief it isn't just an ornament for your walls and facades, it is a picture painted by the sculptor which is possible to touch. Every surface in your home bears huge potential. They can tell the story of your ancestors coded in signs and symbols. They can illustrate a plot from your favorite fairy tale. Touching a bas-relief with your fingers is like touching the story itself. You become a PART of the story. The wall bas-relief is your army of ancient Romans before a military campaign, a Mayan tribe during hunting; perhaps an antique pantheon with the central statue of Zeus. You are limited only by what you can imagine.

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Decorative bas-reliefs are your own slice of the ancient world on your walls, Wild animals, exotic flowers, or a sea landscape will entrance you and your guests.. The bas-relief on walls of your apartment, your office or your house will bring out with our carved figures the unique and vibrant character of your room. Create the list of bs-reliefs you desire and watch our artists bring them to life; enriching your world as they emerge from the walls.

Creation of Plaster Bas-reliefs and Stucco Molding

Plaster bas-reliefs are a fine alternative to a sculpture. The smooth lines which are interwoven into the general style of the room will fascinate at first sight. The decorative bas-relief on a wall carries you as if a time machine: you are transported to ancient Egypt, you materialize in front of an ancient Greek temple, you appear inn the hills and valleys of medieval Europe- you go ANYWHERE.. The bas-reliefs form will introduce calm and yet can add variety in your interior. We have created bas-reliefs in Ukraine for over 10 years. We can offer you not only quality and refined taste, but a reasonable price as well.

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Creation of a bas-relief by our masters is a true art filled with the magic of your stories and your memorizes. It is possible to make a bas-relief on a wall at any stage of construction or repair. When you order bas-reliefs from our dedicated and detailed sculptors, you will be surprised and amazed by how your room will change and in a new way under the new rays of light, pieces of furniture and a list on walls will play and the room becomes you.