Decorative Frescos in Interior Design

The use of the traditional fresco can create for you an interior of style and inspiration. Used by mankind for the decoration of temples, important structures of public appointment, and sometimes and rich houses, frescoes have long been seen as an integral part of the design of many structures.

Decorative murals and design Antique fresco in the interior Fresco art painting in Ukraine Features of work in fresco technique

If you look at an antique fresco, you will be struck by its originality and appeal. And that is not surprising, as the creation of a fresco was left to only the most skilled artisans.

An ancient technique murals and fresco painting

Today, the creation of a fresco has changed a little. The use of crude mixes of plaster is gone. Instead, modern plaster is refined and easier to create art. But, as in ancient times, creation of a fresco is best left to experts- such as ours. We will change any interior by making it attractive and inspiring.

An ancient technique murals Using the frescoes in the interior Fresco art painting in Kiev and Odessa Features of wall art paintings and frescoes

It is possible to order a fresco for a very reasonable price from our art workshop. We invite you to explore our workshop, talk to our experts, and see for yourself what true artists can create. You will not be disappointed.