Services of Our Workshop

If you are interested in the services of our artists for art painting of walls, ceilings or other interiors, hurry up and call our workshop. We possess rich practical experience, high level of professionalism, creative thinking and fine taste.

We seek to satisfy all wishes of the customer. We will realize any dream and we will be able to create a special atmosphere in your house. Professional designer and artist Dmitry Baryshev not simply decorates interiors and exteriors of buildings, he creates real works of design art. He uses materials that are certified, environmentally friendly, and offer unsurpassed quality. All this at a very reasonable price.

You want to change the look and the feel of your home? You seek to surprise your loved one with a true work of art? Call or write us, and we will discuss all that you can imagine. Our services are exemplary and we over complete oversight of the project from beginning to end. Our staff is ready and able to make your home the place YOU want it to be. Let us help you.