Exhibitions, Contests and Premiums

During his work, Dmitry Baryshev participated in a huge variety of exhibitions, competitions and presentations. The works were highly appreciated by the organizers and awarded various prizes and awards.

  • Anonimous Drawings 9 Anke Becker. (Berlin, Germany).
  • 3d International assembly of arts. (Moscow, Russia).
  • Southampton Camera Club 95th International Exhibition (Great Britain) Honour mention.
  • The Micaell Kellicutt – International Juried Photo Competition (USA) Honorable mention.
  • Competition of Gallery Digital Artists Space (NY, USA). The winner.
  • 8Salon International de Imagen Virtual (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
  • 11.VOAV - Wettbewerb fur digitale Bildverarbeitung. (Germany).
  • «IL Bosco Stregato.» International Competition Ex-libris. (Italia).
  • Hun Gallery International in New York (USA).
  • Exhibition «Works by Iryna Lialko & Jennie Stoelting» Gallery Digital Artists Space (NY, USA)
  • Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center (USA)
  • Exhibitions «Dotted lines of the future». (Ukraine)
  • Congress of designers of Ukraine. (Ukraine)
  • Republican exhibition «Spring». (Ukraine)
  • The festival « On three foundations stands the Earth». (Ukraine)
  • Festival-competition. «Constellation» Club. (Ukraine)
  • Competition of an ex-libris. (Poland) Honour mention.
  • «Foto Odlot» 12th International Unconventional Photo competition (Poland) F.I.A.P.
  • 11 Annual All Media Jured online International Art Exhibition. (USA) Award of Excellence.
  • International Exlibris art Exhibition (Taipei). Certificate of Award.
  • 56th Singapore International Photography Award (Singapour) F.I.A.P.
  • International Proected Image Exibition (Royal Photographic Society of England , UK) F.I.A.P.
  • Ukrainian Art Week (Ukraine)
  • HUGO Create.
  • The AI-Thani Award (Austria, Qatar)
  • Graduated National academy of the fine arts and architecture ( Kiev, Ukraine) . Faculty schedules.
  • Exhibition «New Year Time», Art gallery «Vdvoyom». (Ukraine)
  • Exhibition «Iryna Lialko & D. Baryshev.» Art gallery «Hillaris». (Ukraine)
  • Exhibition «Winter holidays-3», Art gallery «Vdvoyom». (Ukraine)
  • Graduated art college (Ukraine.) Faculty of graphic design. For successful training the grant of the president of Ukraine.
  • Exhibition «Artists celebrate A.S. Pushkins birthday», Art gallery «Vdvoyom». (Ukraine)
  • Exhibition «Cherneta and his pupils», Art gallery «NEO» . (Ukraine)
  • Graduated art school (Ukraine).
  • 5th International Photo Competition (Abu-Dabi, UAE).
  • Lark Gallery. Competition «Riching Inside». Honorary Mention.
  • 10th International Uncoventional Photography Competition. (FOTOODLET) (Poland)
  • 16 Trierenberg Super Circuit (Austria)
  • 6 Special Themes Circuit (Austria)
  • 17 Trierenberg Super Circuit (Austria)
  • 1st Digital Photography International Competition (Athenes, Greece) Honour mention.
  • 2nd International Assembly of arts.( Moscow, Russia). The winner.
  • 17 Special Themes Circuit (Austria)
  • 1st International assembly of arts.( Moscow, Russia).
  • 27Photographic Competition Mountain Landscape of Jan Sunderland (Poland).
  • 7th Loka International Salon of Photography LUMEN (Slovenia)
  • The AI-Thani Award (Austria, Qatar)
  • International Photography Awards (California, the USA).
  • Republican exhibition of «10 years of Chernobyl tragedy». (Ukraine)
  • Republican exhibition of «Women of Ukraine - creators », art gallery «Lavra» (Ukraine)
  • Republican exhibition of «Picturesque Ukraine». (Ukraine)
  • Competition of design schools of Ukraine. (Kiev) The winner.
  • Dmytrenko`s competition . (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Exhibition «Ideas K» Iryna Lialko & D. Baryshev. Art Gallery «Grifon» (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Zaretsky`s competition. (Kiev, Ukraine)