Dmitry Baryshev He is a professional artist, who specializes in art wall painting.

Professional artist - Dmitry BaryshevDmitry Baryshev is not only an artist, he is a person capable seeing the potential of space and to transform it while taking into account your identity.

Dmitry Baryshev was trained in art in Dnepropetrovsk Theatrical and Fine Art College and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Dmitry is certasin it is possible to develop talent only by hard work and by sharpening of ones skill. For this reason he constantly draws.

Numerous city, regional, All-Ukrainian, international and personal exhibitions, and also his travel throughout the world allow Dmitry Baryshev to master various styles of painting and the techniques of an art. He explains the unique and aspires to develop knowledge of the world imbued with thirst for creation anew.

Usually the artist finds for himself some style and creates mainly only in it, seldom learning something novel. “It isn't interesting to me to work with the same. For this reason my vital credo is: "If you want to learn something, start doing what you didn't do earlier".”

Due to my curiosity and my experience, I can absorb the identity of the customer, to unite his dream and his home. Therefore, very often to me, it is necessary not to be simply the artist, but also a shrewd psychologist.

I study everyone with whom I work. After all, both people, and rooms differ from each other. But it also inspires the true creator to create of harmony between the building and its inhabitants.

I give to people not simply painted ceilings and walls of houses, clubs, restaurants or pools, and ideas, desire to travel, experiment, dream and dream.